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Why Should I use SniperCRM?

Excellent question! But first, let me share a personal story with you....

I'm Ayoola Dagunduro - Founder SniperCRM

The year was 2018. Just like every new e-Commerce marketer, I was super excited after discovering the power of selling a HOT product.

I had been told how I'll make "MAD" profit if I could import a HOT product and fire up facebook ads.

3 weeks down the line, I successfully imported 200 pieces of this HOT product (My 1st and 2nd mistake).

Sunday night, my facebook ads were all set.... with 200 USD/day ads budget, I fired up my ads. (3rd mistake)

On Monday morning, I couldn’t believe my eyes!!!! 79 orders had come in!!!


Excited, I began calling all my customers to confirm their orders. 65 customers confirmed they were expecting delivery while the remaining customers were unserious ones.

"No shaking". Punching my calculator (₦28,000 multiplied by 65 = ₦1,820,000), I screamed out in joy!

"O Boy see money, I don hammer"

I quickly sent out products to the states where confirmed orders had come from (4th mistake)

Next, I forwarded the orders to delivery agents... while waiting for my bank account balance to start dancing ‘gbe body’.
Day 1: Only 9 orders delivered
Day 2: Only 3 orders delivered
Day 3: Another 2 delivered

“What the hell is going on here” - I wondered.
“I thought 65 customers were already waiting for the product”

This went on for another 2 days and after 1 week...

TOTAL DELIVERED ORDERS: 18!!!! Out of 65?!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was heartbroken.
I almost fainted.
That was how my dream of buying Benz in 3 months began to shatter.

To make matters worse, I 'made' ₦504,000 (remember 18 orders got delivered out of 95) but all I saw in my bank account was ₦122,000!!!!

“Haaaaa, my village people are on my matter. Oh God help me!!” I lamented.

And on my Facebook Ads Manager, that wicked boy, Mark Azubuike was showing me 79 Purchases; ₦2,212,000 Purchase Value with x38 ROAS!!!!!
And here I was with only ₦122,000 sitting in my bank account!

Just imagine.

What was my total expenses?
What was the total cost of product purchase?
What was my NET profit?

I knew nothing about this. I was making money but not seeing it.


I didn't know my numbers!

All my orders were always mixed up, lumped up and all confusing because I was collecting orders using Google Forms and WP-Forms (my 5th mistake)

Many orders kept missing. I'll see 40 orders on my FB Ads Manager but my WP-Forms will show 34 orders. I just concluded that FB was giving me fake purchase records for whatever reasons, I couldn't tell. Imagine how embarrassing it is for customers to call and say "I placed an order 5 days ago and nobody even cared to call me to confirm my order". Only for you to search and you can't find his details.

Which mouth will you now use to tell the customer to give you his details all over again?

Shey we were lucky some customers called. What happened to the many others who filled their details, it never got to us and they don't call?

We were loosing money BIG TIME!

Also, there was no way to get detailed reports, no way to know orders that had been scheduled without wasting many hours. No way to keep proper inventory, no way to know what my expenses were, not to even talk of NET profit. I mean, there was ABSOLUTELY NO WAY to track ANYTHING

The days we had many orders, to know the exact quantity of our products in each state, we had to rely on the words of our delivery agents. That was how one told us we had only 4 units of a product left and we believed him. Only for one of my eagle-eyed staff to detect few weeks later that we should have 7 left. Then the agent said "ehm, it was inside one big carton under my bed, I didn't see it. I am sorry".

There was no reporting system, no tracking system, no reminder system, no inventory management, NOTHING!

We had to do all these..... MANUALLY, wasting well over 8 hours daily.

Right before my eyes, I was becoming a slave to my business!

It was at this point I knew I must find a solution.... FAST!!!!!

"ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" - I said to myself.

I knew the ONLY solution to save my dying e-commerce business was to get a Software to Automate most of my business operations.

I bought lots of softwares. Just a handful were good, others were complete trash. And the good ones were NOT built for Nigerian e-commerce business.
So many limitations that I couldn't find a way around.

Luckily, I also own a Software Development Company and that was how the journey began....

For the next 2 months, we were busy gathering all the requirements to build a Software that solves problems of every e-Commerce business in Nigeria and in exactly 11 months (November 2019 to be precise), the revolutionary Software was born!

We started using this Software in January 2020 and by December 31 2020, we had delivered orders worth ₦110,000,000. One Hundred and Ten Million Naira!!!!
(Over 15 times more than our revenue from 2018 - 2019!)

Because of this Software, we were able to:

Manage, Track & Scale our e-commerce business very easily!
- Close as much as 85% of all orders
- Sell more products without spending extra kobo on ads
- Build our email list and continue pulling out money from our customers wallet
- See Eagle Eye report of the business at any given time
- Make informed and smarter business decisions FAST
- Scale our e-Com business like we were on steroids

I now have peace of mind, knowing my numbers like the back of my hands, with the click of just few buttons!
I now also have enough time to do the things that really matter in my life! (Ofcourse my e-commerce business matters a lot to me but it shouldn't tie me down like I was kidnapped)

Few e-commerce business owners we gave access were BLOWN AWAY!

But how can I and just a few of my friends be the only ones enjoying this?

Won't you call me a wicked man if you got to find out?

Dear Elite E-commerce Business Owner...

Today, I give you


How Will SniperCRM Help My Business?

Sell more products with
Order Bumps & Upsells

Easy to use form builder, order bump and upsell integration ensure you sell more of your productsr customers give you more money than they normally would!... without you spending extra kobo on ads!

Order Tracking & Notifications

Trust me, you've NEVER seen Orders Tracking, Management and Notifications like what you'll see inside SniperCRM dashboard!

Inventory Management

Very easily know exact quantity of your products left with delivery agents/companies in all states Nationwide!

SMS Marketing

Send bulk SMS to customer segments (send discount SMS to those not picking their products or upsell to those already delivered to)

Know Your Numbers!

With just 1 click, you get in-depth and detailed reports of your business allowing you make smarter, well informed and timely decisions.

Build Your Email List!

WAIT! You're still not building an email list in 2021? That's bad for your business. SniperCRM allows you collect email addresses of your customers and send them straight into your Auto Responder email list!

Automated Follow-up Messages!

Engage your customers with automatic & personalized SMS and Email notifications once they place an order, when you schedule their order or update their order to whatever status!

Accept Online Payments

Offer your customers discounts when they pay securely online with the normal ATM cards!


Create accounts for your customer support staffs, social media staffs, marketers and accountants. Each have their unique privileges and Dashboards!

And So Much More.....

What Others Have To Say About SniperCRM

These Are Not Fake Testimonials. You can find them on Facebook and have a chat.

SniperCRM is a gold mine for the smart e-commerce business owner.

My delivery rate sky-rocketed using SniperCRM, I was able to schedule some buyers base on their task, such as not picking, nextweek, not around etc.

Just this morning, 17 order delivered already from last week schedule for this week Wednesday.

It’s only God in his infinite mercy that can help me to say thank you to you...

Very easy to revisit any pending order without an issue. No matter how much you are making per day now, I can bet with you, you are still loosing more than 300% of whatever you are making per day without SniperCRM.

Your customer support is really top notch, I could remember a day, which I just dropped a message for you about an issue, less than a minute, I got a reply, I mean real reply not bot likes ooo..

You are the king of CRM.

SniperCRM has helped me manage and track the progress of my e-commerce business. I now know the progress I’m making on a weekly basis.

And I’m now making more money per customer that visit my website. Thank you for creating such an AMAZING product!

Having a platform that helps you organize your e-commerce business to make more money is a beauty I have found with SniperCRM.

Easy to nagivate and use. The platform is user friendly.

Myself and my staffs are really enjoying SniperCRM.

I will recommend SniperCRM any day and anytime.

No doubt... It is affordable too!

SniperCRM separates people building a real e-commerce business from the ‘hit and run’ guys. So many business decisions rely on it.

Why did it take you so long to release this to the public?

This is the BEST thing to ever happen to my business, I’ve been able to now easily SCALE, MANAGE and TRACK my business like a Boss!

I recommend this to EVERY e-commerce business owner.

I have been into Ecommerce for a while and have been facing lots of issues managing my business because I wasn’t using a CRM.

Order Management was so stressful that I can’t keep proper records of my orders. I send out many orders that I forget I have sent out which cause lot of lose. My inventory keeping was at a zero level.

Until I came across Adesanya Sunday post on Facebook about SniperCRM, then my ecommerce business story change. Now I can keep proper record and manage my ecommerce business with ease.

I’m not bothered about quantity of goods I have in other states, calculating my expenses to get my net profit e.t.c

SniperCRM is also SMS automated as my customers automatically get SMS about their order update.

I’m much grateful!

With your permission, your own testimonial could be here! Yes, we kept this slot for you. GET STARTED with SniperCRM Today and experience a FAST turn around in your e-commerce business. 'Kaki No Be Leather!'

The BIG Question Now Is..... Will You Sign Up RIGHT NOW?

Or Would You Prefer To Still Continue To Run Your e-Commerce Business With Zero Direction, Zero Accountabililty, Zero Scaling, All Confusion And Frustration, Working HARD Like An Elephant But Seeing Money Of An Ant And Never Ending Cycle of Not Having Time To Do Anything Else In Life?

My Fellow Elite e-Com Business Owner, You Already Know That Nothing EVER Changes Unless You Do Something Different.

I'm Stretching Forth My Hands Right Now.... GRAB IT and Lets CRUSH 2021 (and beyond) Together. Your Loved Ones Are Counting On You...

Over To You Friend...

PS: Don't Forget My ROCK SOLID 60 Days Guarantee. If SniperCRM Doesn't Meet Your Business Needs Either From Day 1 Or On Day 60th, Just Ask For A Refund And I'll Refund You ALL The Money You Paid During Signup + You Keep All The FAST Action Bonuses!

What Are You Still Waiting For?

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q Do I have to install anything before using SniperCRM?

Absolutely nothing to install! SniperCRM is 100% cloud based. Just login, start clicking, and you can start managing your e-com business like a Boss, from the members area!

Q Where do you keep my data? How secure is it? Can it go into the hands of my competitors?

It is not possible for your data to be passed on to rival companies or to be lost unless you tell someone your password. SniperCRM uses SSL connection, a banking standard for the security of your password and your data. Your data and your files are stored in secure servers of Amazon and are backed up every night!

Q Who owns my data?

You do! Any content (including your orders, product list, customer list, everything) is 100% owned by you. SniperCRM, its owner and entire team members doesn't have permission to use that content or contact your customers for any reason. NEVER!

Q Will I get the Fast Action Bonuses if I sign up for 14 Days free trial?

Sadly no! All Fast Action Bonuses are available to users who subscribe to any of the Yearly plans while only 3 out of 9 Fast Action Bonuses are available to Monthly subscribers.

Q What happens after my 14 Days free trial?

You'll be prompted to upgrade to one of our subscription plans. Once you upgrade, you'll be able to continue using SniperCRM.

Q How can I get support?

You can always chat with us on WhatsApp [+2348116512263] OR click Support Tickets on the left sidebar inside your SniperCRM dashboard. We'll be happy to help out wherever and whenever you need help! Also, you could chat with one of our Customer Support reps right now, to make further enquiries.

Q Will there be updates and upgrades to SniperCRM? How much will it cost?

Yes! Our team of software developers are working tirelessly to ensure SniperCRM serves every business sizes. No, there won't be any additional cost. However, any request for additional features will be billed unless you're a yearly subscriber where you don't pay extra kobo for additonal feature requests and we accomodate as many requests as you come up with!

Q Can I get a refund?

If you use SniperCRM for 60 days and for any reason, you're not satisfied, please ask for a refund and we'll make a refund under 24 hours! Plus, you get to keep all the Fast Action Bonuses (if you got them). We guarantee you 100% satisfaction!

Q What happens if I stop renewing my SniperCRM account?

Your subscription payments will be cancelled and your records will stay in the system for 60 days after which it will be permanently deleted from our Server. Ofcourse, you'll be able to export your data during the expiration time-frame.

Q What if I need additional features?

If you're a yearly subscriber and got the Fast Action Bonuses, we look forward to receiving requests for additional features to be added for you only. However, if you didn't key into the Yearly Subscription and Fast Action Bonuses, you'll pay a small fee of ₦30,000 per feature request.